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The drawworks is the primary hoisting machinery of the mobile service rig. The primary function of the drawworks is to reel out and reel in the drilling line (large diameter wire rope) in a controlled and safe manner. The drilling line is reeled over the crown block and traveling block to gain mechanical advantage in a "block and tackle" or "pulley" setup. This reeling out and in of the drilling line causes the traveling block, and whatever may be hanging underneath it, to be lowered into or raised out of the wellbore. The reeling out of the drilling line is powered by gravity and reeling in by an electric motor or diesel engine. 

The drawworks are the heart of all service rigs. In view of this, Clay’s Industrial Supplies has taken extra care in manufacturing the various components not only with the proper materials but have assembled them with qualified rig mechanics that have the experience and expertise to ensure that they operate efficiently and effectively within the drawworks assembly. Being an exclusive supplier of Hulkster Drawworks, we have come to appreciate  Hulkster’s superior braking system which allows for optimal braking performance and longer brake pad life. It is important that brake rollers are adjusted as the brake pads wear to maximize pad life and increase performance. Many customers that have made the choice to install a Hulkster drawworks on their rig have said – “it’s the best performing drawworks they have ever used.”

If you need a new drawworks don’t hesitate to call and find out the many options that come standard on every Hulkster drawworks! We service and manufacture custom parts for any drawworks brand. So if you are rebuilding a drawworks from a different manufacturer please contact us and we will discuss what improvements can be made to make your drawworks performance even better! 

Our inventory includes the following components:

  • drums
  • rims
  • brake blocks
  • Kobelt Assist Discs (inventory of both discs and calipers)

New for 2022 we have the non-asbestos brake blocks by Stingray. – (inquire about the 2022 specs and performance testing results)

Hulkster 400
Hulkster 400 (rear view)
Hulkster 650 (w/ right angle gear box)
Hulkster 650 (rear view)
Ductile Rims
Non-Asbestos Brake Blocks (manufactured by Stingray)
Right Angle Gear Box